AC Compressor Won’t Turn On

Are you having problems with your air conditioner? When your air conditioner stops working properly, you might need to take a closer look at the compressor. Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating will provide you with prompt and accurate AC repair in Tucson when you need it. While some simple troubleshooting can identify the source of the problem, there is little you can do when the AC compressor won’t turn on. That’s why you need to know what an AC compressor is, how it works, and what to look out for to help determine if you need a professional. ac compressor wont turn on

What is an AC compressor?

The compressor is one of the most important parts of your AC unit. As its name suggests, it is a mechanical device that compresses the refrigerant fluid as it removes heat from your home. This will further heat up your already warmed refrigerant until it changes from a gas to a liquid. Heat moves from an indoor unit to an outdoor unit, allowing it to cool your home over time. In residential units, you usually see compressors located outdoors.

How can you tell if your AC compressor is failing?

In Tucson AZ, keeping your home cool is extremely important. Otherwise, you’ll suffer if your AC fails in hot weather. Keep your home comfortable by taking note of the following warning signs to determine if you have a failing AC compressor:

Check for any faulty electrical wiring and power supply

First and foremost, if the compressor won’t start, you should make sure it is connected to a power supply. Sometimes, starting issues may happen if there is a lack of energy supply to the compressor. Take a look at all the wiring that connects it to an outlet. The presence of burning, corrosion, and melting will disrupt the power supply which prevents your compressor from starting. Additionally, if the fuse blows or the breaker trips, the AC compressor may also stop working. These problems require the replacement of defective wiring, fuses, and breakers by a professional to keep your compressors from running smoothly.

Look for any mechanical issues

An AC compressor that won’t turn on may be due to some mechanical issues. Check if the motor has been properly oiled and lubricate it with the right lube to prevent any further problems on the road. Other mechanical issues that may lead to problems with the motor are damaged or broken bearings. These parts are small and very delicate to handle, hence any damage to them should be tackled by an HVAC professional.

Leaking refrigerants

Refrigerant is a chemical fluid that transfers heat to your air conditioner. It is stored in the copper coils and as it absorbs heat, the hot refrigerant turns into a liquid, bringing heat outside and cooling your home at the same time. Note the importance of refrigerants, and keep in mind that refrigerant levels should not change during the cooling process. Therefore, if the refrigerant level falls below its recommended level, your A/C compressor will less likely to start. When this happens, you might think that low refrigerant levels may be caused by a leak and a leak requires a professional to resolve this issue.

How do you know if your AC compressor issues are serious?

aircon compressor

Sometimes, you are unsure when you need to call a professional HVAC technician for your AC compressor issues. If you experience any of the following problems, it’s best to contact the experts to find out the exact cause of the issue:

On and off cycling that occurs frequently

This is often referred to as a “hard start” and if you notice this issue with your AC compressor, this may be due to electrical problems within the device.

Reduced cooling capacity

Have you noticed that your home doesn’t seem to cool as it usually does? A suction issue might have caused your AC compressor to stop working properly.


A compressor that overheats obviously stops functioning properly. When you see this happening, call an expert as soon as possible.

Call Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating if your AC compressor won’t turn on

For over 4 decades, Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating have always been serving the Tucson community with outstanding HVAC services. When you call us, we’ll make sure that one of our techs arrives at your home and do the following :

  • A thorough inspection of your A/C unit.
  • Explain the possible solutions based on your units’ needs
  • In-depth troubleshooting
  • Offer maintenance services

Rest assured that our technicians are fully licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind knowing that you called a reliable professional to take care of your unit. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need air conditioner compressor repair in Tucson, AZ.