AC Condensate Pump Not Working

A Stress Free Overview of What Could be Happening, and How to Resolve it!

AC Condensate Pump Not Working

What is a condensate pump?

A condensate pump is used in various HVAC units, such as air conditioners to remove the condensate (or water). Condensate pumps are used in air conditioners that do not have a condensate drain connected directly to a sewer system or outside your home. AC Condensate Pump Not Working

How does a condensate pump stop working?

A condensate pump will usually stop working when a sump or pipe becomes clogged with dirt and debris that was washed off the indoor coil. You can tell when there is a problem by noticing water overflowing into your utility room, or on the carpet underneath your unit. This standing water can lead to mold problems so it is best to fix the issue immediately.

When do the pumps typically get damaged?

Most of the damage occurs in summary / rainy (monsoon) seasons. For Arizona residents, this is typical during July and August. This is due to the weather change. This type of moisture can cause damage to important parts such as the overflow safety switch. If that becomes clogged then you’d better dial up your local HVAC company. Letting the water sit there can lead to mold, which can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems!

AC Condensate Pump Not Working

What should I do if my condensate pump no longer works?

You should hire someone else to look at your pump. Be sure to leave it as is, don’t mess with the crime scene! Wait for your HVAC company to inspect and clean your condensate pump.

Can I repair the issue myself?

While you can repair this issue on your own, we highly recommend against it. This is because most DIY air conditioning repair jobs can lead to more damage in the future, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, you can clean the pump yourself. Be sure to unplug the power to prevent being zapped! If your tubes or pipes are the ones that are clogged, you will need to blow air pressure through those pipes/tubes. Be gentle with the plastic drain and pump, depending on the configuration and brand, you can cause a lot of grief if you break the drain pan connection, which is quite an expensive repair. Your best bet is to contact your local HVAC contractor to inspect your unit. You’re better off paying for maintenance or a small repair job now than to have to pay hundreds more in the future.

Condensate Pump Repair in Tucson, AZ

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