Ducted vs Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

Not sure what the difference between ducted and ductless AC units are? Wondering which one is best for your home? To keep it simple, a ductless system is great if you have an extra room that is NOT connected by ductwork to the main house. While a ducted system would be best if you already have ductwork around the building. Ducted vs Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

What is the Difference Between Ducted and Ductless Air Conditioning?

A ducted air conditioner is the most common system for a whole house or commercial space like an office building. Essentially, a central unit distributes air throughout the conditioned space with one air blower via an air duct system. A ductless air conditioner has a separate air blower in each room to distribute the cooled air.

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When Should I use a Ducted Air Conditioner?

A ducted AC united is best for an entire house, or for commercial property such as an office. This is because a ducted system is the most economical way to cool and heat the space. So if you own a fairly large sized building, a ducted AC will be your best bet. ductless ac

When should I use a Ductless AC?

A ductless air conditioning system is the perfect solution if you have an additional room, that is not connected by ductwork to the main house or building. For example, a sunroom that was a porch, or a carport enclose for a family room. It is also ideal for any room that is far from the main air blower that never really cools or heats up as well as the rest of the house. In a commercial building, they are a great solution for a small office or for a waiting room that sometimes gets too warm when full.

What is the Difference in Cost?

If the home or building already has ductwork, a ducted system is the right solution because a ductless system will cost around 50% more to be installed. However, if no ductwork is in place a ductless air conditioner is sometimes the most cost-effective. The best solution really depends on the size of your property and the configuration of the building.

Is There a Difference in Maintenance?

Maintenance for either system is similar unless the ductless system has several air blowers connected to one outdoor condenser.

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If you’re looking for professional HVAC work in Tucson, reach out to one of our contractors who have experience working with both ducted and ductless units. We provide a variety of heating and cooling services, so feel free to contact us for an honest and affordable estimate. We’ll take the heat so you can stay cool!