How To Tell If Your Furnace Is Dying?

Being a homeowner, you should expect unpredictable weather, especially during the fall and winter months. That said, having a safe and warm environment at home is important. You can achieve the comfort that you want by having an efficiently working furnace. So how will you know if your furnace is dying? Fortunately, you can avoid sudden furnace failure by knowing the following telltale signs. Recognizing these signs would help you determine that it’s time for a new furnace and avoid the health risks that a failing furnace could bring.

How To Tell If Your Furnace Is Dying

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Age of your furnace

Ideally, furnaces are expected to last around 15 years. If you moved into your house recently and you have no idea how old your furnace is, it is likely that your furnace already has some age to it. Try to look for an owner’s manual or you can check the model number which is located on the furnace itself. Another way to check for your furnace’s age is the presence of a pilot light. Furnaces with pilot lights have a lifespan of 25 years.

Sudden surges in heating bills.

An increase in energy or heating bills with constant rates means that your furnace may not be running efficiently. Whether you have an old or poorly maintained furnace, both issues would require more energy to consume with the same amount of heat. Investing in a new furnace is a wise choice because it will reduce your monthly energy bills significantly.

Presence of too much dry dust in your home.

An old and poorly performing furnace doesn’t have the ability to clean indoor air anymore, at least not as effectively, causing it to become stale. As an effect, allergens, dust, mold and other irritants will tend to linger and it may pose a health hazard to you and your family. If you see frequent dust build-up, static discharge, life-less looking indoor plants, difficulty keeping musical instruments in tune whenever you play, then it might be the best time to consider replacing your old furnace with a new one.

You and your family experience health issues.

When you have a failing furnace, cracks in the heat exchanger may develop over time. This could create leaks causing carbon monoxide to enter your home. The presence of carbon monoxide in your home may manifest by having frequent headaches, nausea and burning sensation in your eyes or nose. If you experience any of these symptoms, open a window to the furnace room and call your furnace technician as soon as possible. Additionally, stale indoor air is caused by a failing furnace. The allergens and dust will remain inside your home causing you to have skin, nose, and throat issues. If you frequently experience these discomforts, the need for your furnace to be replaced is necessary.

Yellow burner flame.

Typically, flames coming from a furnace are color blue. If you see a yellow flame from your furnace, contact your furnace repair technician immediately because it’s a sign that carbon monoxide is leaking from the heat exchangers. This gas is highly toxic and could pose a health risk to you and your family.

How To Tell If Your Furnace Is Dying

Odd noises coming from your furnace.

Furnaces in good condition shouldn’t make any odd noises when turned on. If you hear noises getting louder and becoming excessive, it means that your furnace is working too hard to heat your home. Have a professional inspect your furnace and anticipate replacing it in the future.

Lack of heating or heating unevenly.

If you noticed that not all rooms are heated equally or there is a need to adjust your thermostat frequently, then your furnace may be the culprit. It may not be providing enough heat to provide you comfort inside, which will then lead you to consider that your furnace might be on the verge of dying, needing it to be replaced.

Repairing your furnace frequently.

Frequent repairs mean that your furnace is breaking down constantly and this will give you a lot of inconveniences during the fall and winter months. To prevent suffering from these stressful situations, consider the option of having a furnace replacement.

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