mobile home approved furnaces

There are two reasons why you should make sure your new modular, manufactured, or mobile home gas furnace is HUD approved for installation in your home.

Fire Hazard: Modular/manufactured/mobile home gas furnaces have sealed combustion fire chambers. This eliminates the possibility of a back flash or other malfunction such as a delayed ignition causing a fire.

Heating Performance: All modular/manufactured/mobile homes have small ducting. HUD-approved gas furnaces have higher pressure air circulation systems to force the heated air through these small ducts to ensure comfort throughout the home.

There are several manufacturers that make HUD-approved gas furnaces for these homes under different brand labels. Some like Goodman do not make HUD-approved furnaces at all, and some like Bryant make only some HUD-approved models.

All new gas furnaces will tell you in their specification sheets if they are HUD approved for modular, manufactured, or mobile home use.

Here at Heatwave, we will only install the proper gas furnace for any application. We are here for the long run and don’t want to try to explain ourselves to a fire marshal, or your survivor’s lawyer.