What is an HVAC Contractor?

To keep our homes and commercial properties hassle-free during the hot summer days or the bitter cold winter weather, we make sure that our cooling and heating systems remain functional. But how do we maintain it? We seek the services of an HVAC contractor.

what is an hvac contractor

What is an HVAC contractor?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning and this refers to the cooling and heating systems as well as the air quality of homes and commercial places. If you want someone to maintain and repair those systems or install new climate control equipment, you can call an HVAC contractor to do this job for you.

Not every HVAC contractor may have the same focus, skill set, and experience. Although HVAC contractors can provide services in the following 3 categories: heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, some technicians will specialize more in one specific category, other contractors will only provide services either to residential customers or commercial owners. There are also HVAC contractors that specialize in a specific type of equipment such as a water-based heating system or solar-based heating system.

Nevertheless, an HVAC company must have HVAC technicians who are professional, trained, and certified in three primary areas of services: maintenance, repair, and installation of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioners.

Routine maintenance is commonly done by HVAC technicians new to the field. Repair of heating and cooling systems is typically done by more experienced and well-trained technicians, and if the technician has proven himself to have many years of experience, not to mention a variety of skills, furnace or air conditioning installation will likely be their expertise.

In addition, HVAC contractors typically give advice to customers to help them decide which equipment to buy for their heating, and cooling, systems at home, and or for their business. They may also serve as consultants on how to manage electrical bills, improve your home’s or business’s insulation, and more.

what is an hvac contractor

The 3 specific services that HVAC technicians perform are the following:

  1. Maintenance. This type of work focuses on inspecting the equipment. The technician usually checks the pipes, and tube joints for leakages, thermostat testing, checking refrigerant levels and refilling them, tests electrical circuits, an inspection of fans or motors for any defects, such as an evaporator coil leak, as well as cleans and changes air ducts and HVAC air filters.
  2. Repairs. Once the inspection is done, and the problem is detected, the repair should be done next. The job involves repairing or replacing worn-out and defective parts of the heating and cooling systems to get them running smoothly again. Repairs are often done on an emergency basis, especially in the summer and winter months.
  3. Installation. Before a technician will install a new unit in your home or business, he needs to survey and inspect first the current system and set it up, by taking specific measurements so that the new system can properly fit in your home or commercial space. The proper placement is necessary to avoid any disturbance to your neighbors or other building occupants and to ensure the safety of electrical lines and electrical supplies are enough to provide electricity to the new unit. A highly skilled technician is needed to perform this complicated task.

When you are planning to call for the services of an HVAC contractor, bear in mind that you should receive an affordable quote for their service. A request for a breakdown of services will help you determine if you are getting a reasonable price. Lastly, doing your own research on the HVAC market and products will help you decide which equipment to purchase and what HVAC company to call for a service.

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