How Tucson Homeowners Can Get Ready for Winter

Tucson Homeowner Winter Guide

Before cool weather hits, make sure that your home is safe and ready to deal with the chilly temperature. The changing season will provide you a great chance to take on some projects and save on your home’s maintenance and HVAC costs. So how can you ensure that your home is ready to handle the […]

What to Know Before Installing an AC

Keeping your home cool with an air conditioning unit is a necessity nowadays to beat the summer heat. Are you one of those who purchase cooling units without proper research? Whether you’re replacing an old AC unit or buying one for the first time, consider these following factors before installing an air conditioning system so […]

What You Need to Know About a Furnace

Your home’s furnace should be considered a major investment in your property because it is an essential part of your home’s day-to-day comfort, especially during the winter! In choosing a furnace upgrade or installing a new one, it makes sense if you thoroughly research any available options before making a decision. Here is a guide […]

AC Pipe Freezing

Summer is finally in full swing which means ridiculously scorching weather. If you are feeling the heat, a broken AC is the last thing on your mind. Have you noticed that your AC has stopped blowing cold air and your AC pipe outside is covered with ice? Unfortunately, ice anywhere outside your AC unit is […]

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Know Before Summer

In the summer months, homeowners in Arizona understand the importance of having a functioning HVAC system such as an air conditioning unit. When the system is up and running, your house is cool and comfortable. However, it only takes a small problem to make the system stop working entirely. The good news is that with […]

AC Compressor Replacement Overview


If you suspect you have a broken air conditioner compressor, you’ll find this article handy when deciding to to fix it yourself, or hire someone else to do the job for you. What is an air conditioner compressor? A compressor within an air conditioner, compresses the refrigerant gas (substance used to absorb heat) which then […]