How to Fix AC Blowing Warm Air

On summer days in Tucson, your AC unit is among the busiest equipment in your home. It can offer you cool air that can make you comfortable during the hot weather. In addition, it also enhances your indoor air quality. Meanwhile, there are some circumstances in your AC unit that may not work properly. You […]

How Often Should Furnace Filters be Changed?

How Often Should Furnace Filters be Changed

The time span of each furnace filter varies from different households, and thereby, making a comparison among the different household HVAC systems, and furnaces should not be made. Replacing the furnace filters entirely depends on the household condition. Some factors may have triggered its clogging. Usually, dust is the common culprit in clogging the furnace […]

What to Do When a Gas Furnace Doesn’t Work

What to Do When a Gas Furnace Doesn’t Work

Gas furnaces make use of either natural gas or propane in order to enclosed areas at home. Whilst gas is sometimes mentioned as a costly resource of heat. Usually, gas furnaces burn cleaner compared to oil furnaces and hence present homeowners with less maintenance. However, when difficulties do arise concerning gas furnaces, they are usually […]

AC Compressor Won’t Turn On

ac compressor won't turn on infographic

Are you having problems with your air conditioner? When your air conditioner stops working properly, you might need to take a closer look at the compressor. Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating will provide you with prompt and accurate AC repair in Tucson when you need it. While some simple troubleshooting can identify the source of […]

Can I Install a Furnace Myself?

Can I Install a Furnace Myself_ featured

When it comes to home improvements, some homeowners would opt to have a DIY project to save them money. However, for furnace installation, you might wonder and want to ask, can I install a furnace myself?  Deciding to install a furnace on your own may not seem to be a good idea especially if you […]

When Should I Call an HVAC in Tucson?

when should i call an hvac in tucson

When it comes to your HVAC system, always consider your home’s comfort and safety by calling a professional to handle any issues. Many homeowners opt to choose DIY HVAC projects and get disappointed because of failed projects and worse, more additional costs. So to prevent this from happening, when should you call an HVAC in […]

What Questions Should I Ask an HVAC for Maintenance?

What Questions Should I Ask an HVAC for Maintenance

If you’re planning to schedule an HVAC maintenance, make sure that you have the right questions to ask your technician to make the most of your appointment. It’s alright to ask your HVAC technician who’s experienced and honest to answer your concerns. After all, it’s your house and HVAC system that you want to understand […]

What is HVAC Maintenance?

what is an HVAC maintenance

Being a responsible homeowner means that you should be proactive in anticipating any possible problems that your home may face, including your HVAC system. You need to keep your HVAC system in good working condition, otherwise, your home’s comfort may suffer if it constantly ceases to function properly. How do you keep a hassle-free HVAC […]

Should I purchase a heat pump?

should i purchase a heat pump?

Southern states like Tucson have nice winter temperatures compared with other northern climates where they wake up to gray skies and frozen windshields in the winter. Having said that, you may want to ask yourself, should you purchase a heat pump? Whether you have new construction or renovation or it is simply time to replace […]

About Dan Barrios and His HVAC Story

about dan barrios - heatwave air conditioning and heating

I was born and raised in the Southern California area (L.A.). After serving in the Central Pacific in the U.S. Air Force, I was stationed at Davis-Monthan air base in Tucson where I met and married my very beautiful wife, Gloria. Leaving the Air Force after my four year tour of duty was up, Gloria […]