24-Hour Air Conditioning Repair in Tucson


Any time your air conditioner breaks down in Arizona, it’s an emergency. No one wants to deal with the heat while they’re indoors. You need a repair right away. What if your furnace stops working on a Sunday night? You don’t want to shiver until morning.

There’s never a good time for your air conditioning or heating to stop working. You don’t have to suffer through the weather until you can get a contractor to come out. You can get help right now.

Are you looking for an honest contractor and transparent quote that will get your unit up and running ASAP? That’s what Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating is here to do. We provide emergency heating and cooling repair to households and businesses in the Tucson area.

Call 520-623-1855 now for emergency HVAC repair in Tucson! We keep qualified HVAC technicians on-call 24/7, every day of the year, so we can be at your doorstep whenever you need us.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

It’s a hot summer Saturday in Tucson and out of nowhere, your air conditioner stops working. What do you do? Most HVAC repair companies would leave you to tough it out through the weekend. Don’t sweat it. We would never let you do that.

Compressor and Leak Repair

Your compressor is what makes your air conditioner blow cold air. It compresses the refrigerant used to keep the temperature down. If it isn’t working, your air conditioner can blow warm air instead of cold air.

If your unit is leaking refrigerant, there’s no way for your air conditioner to make the air cool in the first place. Refrigerants can be dangerous to handle. Don’t touch it. Give us a call and we’ll send someone out to check your system.

Heat Pump Controller

Fan and Capacitor Repair

Your air conditioner’s fan pushes cooled air through your home, and the capacitor makes the compressor and fan work. Both parts need to be in working order. Squealing fans or fans that make rattling and clunking sounds need to be repaired. We’ll happily come take a look. Whether it’s the fan or the capacitor, we’re prepared to fix the problem.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Stops Working

 Pick up the phone, dial Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating at 520-623-1855 and request an emergency repair! Shortly after the call, our air conditioning expert will be at your front door. We’re always ready to get your air conditioning back up and running when you need us the most. We’ll take the heat so you can stay cool!

Emergency Heating Repair

Tucson can get pretty cold in the winter. We work with single-family homeowners and mobile home owners to keep their homes warm on cold nights. Don’t spend one night without your heating unit working. Give us a call and request an emergency heating repair technician to come any time, day or night. We’ll send out an expert to diagnose and repair the problem.

Furnace Repair

We work on natural gas, propane, and electric furnaces for both single-family homeowners and mobile homeowners. The most common problems with furnaces are dirty or clogged filters, and dirty flame sensors. Cracked igniters and thermostat issues can also cause a furnace to break down.

If your furnace goes out at night or on the weekends, we’re always ready to help. Our team of HVAC experts will work quickly to restore heat to your home.

Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump is malfunctioning causing your home to be cold, call us. Our experts know what to look for and how to fix the problem. We’ll send out a professional to take care of the problem so you can sleep in a warm bed tonight.

Our Commitment to Transparency, Professionalism & Quality

Many people have horror stories of dealing with incompetent repair technicians who charged them an arm and a leg for shoddy work. Those scenarios are never acceptable. You’re letting someone into your home or business and trusting them with an important job. There’s no room for pushy sales tactics or technicians who provide subpar work.

Our technicians are certified, background checked, and have years of experience repairing various heating and cooling units. Most importantly they have experience working with homeowners. An important part of what we do at Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating is encouraging transparency. Every homeowner or business owner deserves honesty and respect.


How Much Does Emergency HVAC Repair Cost?

The total cost of HVAC repair will depend on the repair required to fix your HVAC system. Some issues are more complicated than others. They may require more labor and special parts to complete. We won’t know exactly how much the repair cost will be until we know what went wrong with your HVAC system.

Emergency repair calls do cost more than regular service calls. We keep some of the best, highly qualified HVAC repair technicians in Tucson on call round the clock, every single day of the year. This type of service is pricier to provide, so it’s pricier to receive.

Although emergency calls can be a little more expensive than standard service calls, we use the same amount of transparency and commitment to quality with every homeowner. We won’t gouge you on costs or work below our normal standards just because you needed our help outside of business hours.

What’s The Most Affordable Way to Repair an HVAC System?

Our Comfort First service is the best balance of cost and priority. Comfort First members are always bumped to the front of the list for regular service calls during normal business hours.

Comfort First members get two HVAC system checkups a year. Our goal is to prevent your air conditioning from giving out so you won’t ever need emergency service. You’ll have peace of mind that your HVAC system will run seamlessly between service visits.

Any repairs we provide will come at a discount. Comfort First members get 10% off parts and labor. We extend the warranty of labor and any parts we use from 30 days to 1 year. If you’re interested in joining our Comfort First priority service program, you can learn more about it here.

Contact Us Now to Fix Your HVAC Emergency

Don’t freeze or sweat through the night when you don’t have to. We’ll have your HVAC system up and running soon. Call Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating now at 520-623-1855 for emergency HVAC repair service. Our decades of experience, thorough service, and no-nonsense approach has been keeping Tucson families in comfort for over 40 years.


Our Reviews

Joan caseyJoan casey
22:51 08 Dec 21
Dan and Daniel are the type of home service providers I always try to find. They are very competent, thorough and friendly. Their charges are reasonable and you’ll get the same guys when you call. They like what they do and it shows.
Chris PhillipsChris Phillips
00:18 17 Jun 21
They were able to come out spur of the moment yesterday when it was 113°, our house was 90°. Thank goodness they came out and were able to reset our unit cooling the house off in time for us to sleep!
Gene SpesardGene Spesard
15:50 28 May 21
Good reliable service
William StewartWilliam Stewart
22:48 13 Mar 20
The person who came was truly professional,I can't recall his name! He was great, on time and very professional. All of my experiences with Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating have been super positive.
Scott HenryScott Henry
22:15 24 Jul 19
Recommended by a coworker that has used them for years, this company is by far the friendliest and best service from an AC company I have ever had out to my house. Other companies over the years have had me waiting all day and have costs an arm and a leg. Talked to the father Danby phone, and the son Daniel came out quick, put up with all my dumb questions, and had me fixed in an hour. The price was amazing and no games! I have found my go-to AC guys! Highly recommend!