Tucson Heat Pump Repair Service


Is your heat pump damaged and showing signs of wear and tear? Call one of Tucson’s top-rated heat pump repair experts for quick and honest service. Whether in the middle of the night or on a busy day, Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating is here for you and your family, every day of the year.


How to Tell If You Need Heat Pump Repair

  • You hear strange noises. If you hear rattling within your heat pump or any loud vibrations, it may be a good idea to contact an HVAC technician to take a look at your unit. This is one of the more common signs that something is damaged or needs to be repaired.
  • Higher heating bills. If you notice that your utilities bill is much higher than in previous seasons, especially if you see your heating bill is higher, then this might be a sign that your heat pump is not working as efficiently as it used to.
  • There is noticeable air restriction. Consider the last time you changed your air filters. Dirty air filters can often restrict air flow. If your heat pump’s filter hasn’t been replaced, this is what could be causing your pump to work less efficiently. If you find that replacing the air filter doesn’t change anything, then an HVAC specialist can look further into the unit and properly identify and resolve the issue.
  • The air from your heat pump feels cooler than normal. The air from heat pumps does not blow as hot as a gas furnace for example, but that is what makes them more efficient. Rather than repeated blasts of hot air, heat pumps warm the indoor air gradually sort of like the difference between the tortoise and the hare, but they get the job done. However if the air coming out is noticeably cooler than normal, the you probably should have it checked out as this may indicate a problem that may get worse or even damage your equipment.

Tucson Heat Pump Repair Contractors You Can Trust

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is being treated poorly and taken advantage of by HVAC technicians and other contractors. With us, you have no need to worry. For the past 40+ years, we at Heatwave Air have adopted a no-nonsense attitude with the Tucson community. There are no sales gimmicks, just honest pricing structure and service. Your heat pump will be repaired in a professional and transparent fashion. Our team is trained to FIX the problem, not ADD problems.


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Our Reviews

Joan caseyJoan casey
22:51 08 Dec 21
Dan and Daniel are the type of home service providers I always try to find. They are very competent, thorough and friendly. Their charges are reasonable and you’ll get the same guys when you call. They like what they do and it shows.
Chris PhillipsChris Phillips
00:18 17 Jun 21
They were able to come out spur of the moment yesterday when it was 113°, our house was 90°. Thank goodness they came out and were able to reset our unit cooling the house off in time for us to sleep!
Gene SpesardGene Spesard
15:50 28 May 21
Good reliable service
William StewartWilliam Stewart
22:48 13 Mar 20
The person who came was truly professional,I can't recall his name! He was great, on time and very professional. All of my experiences with Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating have been super positive.
Scott HenryScott Henry
22:15 24 Jul 19
Recommended by a coworker that has used them for years, this company is by far the friendliest and best service from an AC company I have ever had out to my house. Other companies over the years have had me waiting all day and have costs an arm and a leg. Talked to the father Danby phone, and the son Daniel came out quick, put up with all my dumb questions, and had me fixed in an hour. The price was amazing and no games! I have found my go-to AC guys! Highly recommend!