HVAC Duct Testing Tucson, AZ

Most people are now aware of and concerned about indoor pollution. If your aim is to have an indoor air that is as healthy, fresh, and clean as possible, you may want to consider cleaning your home’s air ducts. Your air ducts are long passageways that carry warm and cool air throughout the house. It’s responsible for bringing warm air from your heater and air-conditioner into the rooms and all over the house. It also circulates air via intake vents and into the HVAC system.The ventilation system must be in good condition for these ducts to work effectively. If these ducts break, corrode, produce holes or loose connections, then the quality of indoor air will become poor.  To find out the integrity of your home’s duct system, and if you plan to clean your ducts at home, you should consider duct testing. 

What is HVAC duct testing and when do I need it?

Duct testing is a thorough examination of your ductwork in the house. Testing includes the use of high technology viewing and recording equipment, air pressure tests, and an ocular inspection of your HVAC equipment to determine the irregularities of your duct system. 

The first step in duct testing is closing all the vents to make sure that the only place that air pressure can go through is via leaks along the ducts. The whole ventilation system is put under pressure by placing a vacuum that is attached to the ducts near the HVAC unit. Technicians will then use a duct leak tester to determine the amount of pressure escaping from the ventilation system which will eventually give them an idea of the problem. 

Once the technicians have determined the problem that needs to be fixed, the next step will be the use of the pressure sensors to specifically find the actual leakage and measure the air that is being lost. The type of repair will be based on the findings of these findings. Repair includes mastic sealing, metallic tape and sometimes replacements of the whole duct system. 

Consider having your duct systems cleaned when you noticed the following:

  • Visible mold growth inside the duct system and in the HVAC equipment.
  • Rats that live or has lived inside the ducts
  • Large amounts of dust, debris and other particles are found in your ducts that cause clogging. 

What's the best way to clean central air ducts to improve indoor air quality?

People nowadays are now aware that their homes should need to have indoor air quality. With that said, air duct cleaning may be considered. But cleaning your duct systems in your homes by yourself is not advisable, hence you need a service provider that can do the job for you because they have the appropriate equipment used in cleaning hard to reach areas in your duct systems. There are ways to clean air ducts that will improve indoor air quality and these are:

  • Complete cleaning of air ducts and grilles
  • Blower motor and indoor coil cleaning
  • Filter replacement

Duct cleaning is the key  strategy in achieving healthier indoor air and this should be  accompanied by air filtration, controlled ventilation and crawl space encapsulation.