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We’ll take the heat so you can stay cool with our 24 hour air conditioning repair service in Tucson. Serving the Tucson and Oro Valley community for over four decades.

"When should I repair my AC?"

One of the best ways to tell if you should have an HVAC contractor repair your air conditioner is if you hear any rattling, or unsettling noises. Another thing to keep in mind is how different the temperature feels as time progresses. Do you notice that your AC unit is not keeping the room as cool as it used to in previous seasons?

"When should I replace my AC?"

If your air conditioning unit is over 10 years old, and the cost of repair approaches 40% of the replacement cost, it might be time to say goodbye to your unit and purchase a new AC unit.

Need your Air Conditioner fixed ASAP?

If you’re in need of emergency ac repair, give us a call at (520) 623-1855 and request urgent service for a technician to be at your doorstep ASAP.

AC Repair Tucson, AZ

Why People Swear by Heatwave Air Conditioning & Heating

Robert G
Robert G
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My AC went out on a weekend and they came out quickly to get me up and cooling. Heatwave Air diagnosed the problem quickly and モ patchedヤ it until they could get a part ordered. Part came in days and completed the fix. I highly recommend them. The prices are reasonable and the employees are professional and honest. Did a great job!
Sky R
Sky R
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I was so pleased with the service I received! Very nice, helpful, ,thorough, knowledgeable & polite. The tech spent alot of time explaining things to me & helping me to make good decisions for my home. Will definitely use Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating again!!
Bradley M.
Bradley M.
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Excellent job! The technician was very professional and did an excellent job. Showed up as promised and completed work in a timely manner. Will definitely use for all our A/C needs.
Scott H.
Scott H.
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Recommended by a coworker that has used them for years, this company is by far the friendliest and best service from an AC company I have ever had out to my house. Other companies over the years have had me waiting all day and have costs an arm and a leg. Talked to the father Danby phone, and the son Daniel came out quick, put up with all my dumb questions, and had me fixed in an hour. The price was amazing and no games! I have found my go-to AC guys! Highly recommend!

How much is an AC repair estimate in Tucson?

Our repair diagnosis is a flat fee of $99. This fee is designed to be a pure diagnosis, and not a way to mark-up any equipment or try and sell another service unless absolutely necessary. 

How is an AC unit repaired?

After you’ve placed a call, one of our HVAC specialists will be sent to your home and ensure your cooling unit will be repaired properly. Once we give a thorough diagnosis we will walk you through the steps of what needs to be done with your AC. We’ll take a look at the filters, valves, etc., and replace any parts that are damaged, or show signs of wear and tear. 

What are some AC maintenance tips all home owners should know?

CHANGE THE FILTERS! Seriously, the same filter overtime builds up lots of dust and debris, which restricts proper airflow and over time can cause damage that could of been avoided.

Another thing all homeowners should know, is the condition and environment their air conditioner is in. Check for any leaks, and or rust build-up. Leaks and rust build up can damage important parts such as the ac compressor which can damage the entire unit.

What factors affect AC repair cost?

While different HVAC contractors have different pricing structures, we at Heatwave Air Conditioning & Heating have built our price structure around time, and equipment cost. For instance if you have an old AC unit (10 years+) that is in need of a thorough repair (e.g., recovering a refrigerant) the price is going to be higher than a simple cleaning / refill of a newer unit. The following are things that we take into account when performing a repair:

  1. Time spent
  2. Equipment / part cost
  3. Age of the unit
  4. Condition of the unit

What is the typical price range of AC repair in Tucson?

A basic AC repair in Tucson can cost between $200-$400 to give you an idea. 

A more advanced repair, can be between $700-$X(tbd).

Major repairs that require lots of labor and more equipment can be between $2,000-$X(tbd). At this point you may be advised to replace the unit.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation in Tucson, AZ

Sometimes damage is too much, and it becomes necessary to replace the whole unit. If the damage is too much, our contractors will be with you every step of the way to make sure your home is cooled properly by installing a new unit for you. Contact us about part replacement!

Air Conditioning Repair Near Tucson, AZ

If you’re looking for air conditioning repair in Tucson, AZ give our HVAC contractors are call! Our technicians are fully licensed and insured so that you can feel confident knowing that the right kind of person is taking care of your AC unit. Call (520) 623-1855 or email us at heatwaveref@earthlink.net 

Air Conditioner Compressor Issues

If you’re noticing your compressor is failing it may because you have faulty motor fans, burnt wiring, or weak capacitors. A damaged compressor can lead to a malfunctioning air conditioner. You can learn more about AC Compressor Replacement here. Give us a call or email if you need air conditioner compressor repair in Tucson.

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