Seasonal HVAC Maintenance in Tucson, AZ

Keep your HVAC unit running at top performance, year round. We offer complete air conditioning, furnace, and heat pump maintenance for all Tucson residents. Call (520) 623-1855 or email for more info!

What is HVAC Maintenance?

Experience has shown that 90% of minor and major breakdowns could of been easily prevented by performing a thorough HVAC inspection. Normally performed in the spring and fall months, our heating and cooling specialists will take a look at your HVAC unit(s) and make sure everything is running properly. 

What does HVAC maintenance include?

For $99 (+any additional parts ONLY IF NECESSARY), we’ll inspect your home’s heating and cooling unit to prevent any equipment failures. If no additional parts are necessary, the price is a flat $99. 

hvac maintenance in tucson call 520-623-1855

AC Maintenance for the Tucson Community

For over 42 years we at Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating have been providing the best air conditioning (AC) maintenance for the Tucson, AZ community. Our technicians are transparent, and respectful to provide the best experience on the market. 

Why wait until your AC breaks? Contact one of our HVAC experts to inspect your cooling unit so you can prevent larger expenses in the future.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cost

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Get Peace of Mind With Comfort First Service

If you’re looking to save a headache with seasonal HVAC maintenance, check out our comfort first service agreement. You gain priority service, and twice a year inspections to prevent system failure, extended warranties, and much more! Call (520) 623-1855 or email to learn more, or click the button below.

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